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2022 Priorities

Over the course of 2022, we will strive to achieve positive results in four key areas by working collaboratively with:

  • educators, to listen and learn from their experiences in order to support their heroic efforts to engage their students and strengthen public education;
  • high schools, through the Connecticut RISE Network to ensure that students are on-track to graduate on-time with a plan and the skills to achieve their plan;
  • non-profit organizations, through the Connecticut Opportunity Project to build capacity and strengthen partnerships necessary to positively impact young people who are severely disengaged or disconnected; and
  • mayors and community leaders, to understand the pandemic’s long-term impacts on young people and how those impacts can be better addressed to help youth succeed.

These priorities reflect our long-term mission and goals.  We genuinely believe that by working together, we can draw on the power of collective expertise to turn success for one young person into a strategy for success for all. 

We are honored to partner with local and national foundations in these collaborative endeavors.  We hope additional funders will join us too, recognizing the opportunity to leverage resources to achieve the greatest good for Connecticut.