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Dalio Education collaborates with public schools, non‑profit organizations, and communities to support educators and help young people to succeed, investing more than $95 million since 2015. 

Our approach is grounded in direct engagement with young people, educators, youth development professionals, community leaders, policymakers, and other experts.  From what we have learned and experienced over the last decade, we have developed a set of core beliefs that guide our work.

Every young person has tremendous potential.  Young people who are disengaged or disconnected from school and opportunity are often overlooked and underserved, but with the right support, they can re-engage in high school and succeed in post-secondary education and beyond. 

The power and passion of educators is limitless.  Educators work tirelessly every day to support and engage young people.  Connecticut’s incredible educators deserve recognition and celebration, and access to opportunities for continually enriching their practice and impact.

Student success requires a holistic approach.  Academic progress must be complemented by social and emotional development, attention to physical and mental wellness, and access to safe, supportive environments where students can form strong bonds with adults they trust.

Elevate the voices closest to the work.  Those most impacted by the biggest challenges in education understand them best and have the perspectives and knowledge needed to generate solutions.  Listen, learn, and then respond.

Collaboration drives results.  Individual educators and youth development professionals know how to help their students succeed.  By working together, we can draw on the power of our collective expertise to turn success for one student into a strategy for success for all.

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2020 Annual Report

Through the Connecticut RISE Network, we empower educators to achieve breakthrough results for high school students who are at-risk of not graduating on-time. We support young people who are struggling the most by investing in and building the capacity of non-profit organizations through the Connecticut Opportunity ProjectWe also work directly with school districts, organizations, and municipalities to help young people in many other ways. And we support educators by listening to them and providing opportunities for professional development to help them better serve their students and schools.