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Engaging Connecticut's youth in high school and beyond

Dalio Education advances positive youth outcomes in Connecticut by elevating the voices of those closest the work, convening diverse stakeholders to collaborate, and investing in and working alongside individuals, organizations, and communities committed to improving the lives and opportunities of young people across the state.

The RISE Network

The RISE Network is a results-driven partnership between Connecticut public school educators across nine school systems who are sharing innovations to ensure all students achieve college and career success.

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14,000 Students

The Opportunity Project

The Opportunity Project invests in and helps strengthen organizations serving Connecticut youth so they can work effectively with young people who are disengaged or disconnected and help them graduate and succeed in their lives.

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754 Youth

Empowering Educators

To support educators in continually enriching their practice, Dalio Education partners with organizations like Fund for Teachers to provide self-designed professional learning fellowships and the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence to create online resources free to all Connecticut educators.

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26,500 Educators


To equip students with technology needed to engage in remote learning during the pandemic, Dalio Education worked with the state to donate 60,000 laptops to students in Connecticut's highest-need districts and is working together with municipal leaders in Hartford and Norwalk to help 124,000 Connecticut residents connect to high-speed internet at no cost to families.

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184,000 Families