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Announcing Teachers of Connecticut, a New Platform for Teachers to Tell Their Stories

I am thrilled to announce that Dalio Education is collaborating with public school teachers to launch “Teachers of Connecticut,” an online platform that will support teachers across Connecticut in making their voices heard, in their own words.

We at Dalio Education have been working with teachers for more than a decade. During that time, two things have really struck us. First, the stories we’ve heard directly from teachers themselves are so amazing. We’ve learned why they chose to go into teaching in the first place, what they love about their jobs, the time commitment it takes to be a good teacher, and the joy and satisfaction they feel when they see their students grow and learn. Second, we’ve also heard how frustrated they sometimes are that they don’t get to share these wonderful stories in their own words. We live in an age when there are so many different platforms and voices, and they sometimes feel as if they’re getting lost in the mix.


So that’s why we’re launching this initiative.


We’ve put together an Advisory Group of teachers and civic leaders to provide advice on the platform’s design and recommend teachers to be spotlighted for the platform’s launch.


We are also excited to announce that WTNH News 8 will be promoting this effort across all their platforms, beginning with an announcement by long-time WTNH anchor and well-known personality Ann Nyberg. We are grateful to Ann and her colleagues for the time they’ve chosen to put in promoting this effort.


To learn more about Teachers of Connecticut and help promote this effort, please click here:

- Barbara Dalio